Campfire Permits are required annually.
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General Burn Rules

The campfire must be 25 feet from any building and 15 feet from any property line.

No fire is allowed when wind speed is greater than 15mph

The campfire must be extinguished before leaving it unattended.

The campfire must be small (bushel basket size) in a small pit (3’- 4’ in diameter),

Only seasoned firewood can be used. 

No burning of leaves, brush, tree trimmings, yard waste or lumber! 
The campfire must be for recreational use only and may not be used for waste disposal of any kind.

The campfire is limited to a four (4) hour period per day.

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for manufactured UL listed fire pits.

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Safe Burning Tips

Learn more about campfire safety.

FAQs and Laws

Find answers to your questions about this website, as well information about laws related to campfires.

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If you’re having a campfire in Waterford Township you will need to apply for a campfire permit annually.

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